Objective of this educational trip.

We have carried out an extensive market research and  realised that most of the educational trips carried out by various organisations does not really imbibe any value in students. We on the other hand understanding students phychology have prepared a customised and tailored educational/field trip for students in which they can take back something with them.
Dharavi Slum tourism (BMS,B.COM)

The tour will take you through the proud and industrial areas of Dharavi. As the new age is more about entreprenuership and less about jobs, the students will get an insight on how people in the slums run one of the worlds best small scale industry. We would also take you through the vast industrial areas with many important industries like the bakeries serving the whole of mumbai. We will show you the residential areas where whole families live in small room, local schools and even the pottery industry.

Film city tour (BMM)

We are the first in the market to do an educational trip for BMM students, this trip will help them understand the aura and feel of the film industry where they get to see different film sets, live shooting if possible and the guide would mostly be someone from the industry itself so they can understand and take some information and tips from them as well.

Itinerary for the Gratitude trip to  Orphanage and Animal Hospital and a fiel trip to Fire Station GRADE (5th to Grade 12th)

Morning board a bus from your respective school or college to the St Cathedrine orphange, a sister will walk you and guide you through to the orphanage  as to how children live there and a brief about the place.

SPCA (Animal Hospital)- Viewing the city’s most popular animal hospital, there are Professional Wardens to guide the Student about each sections like O.P.D wards for different animals, Operation Theatre, Eelctric Crematorium, Pet Animals Section ETC.

Fire Brigade Station : Visiting the head  Fire Station at Byculla & Learning understanding and experiencing things like -Demonstration of Fire Engines, Viewing different types and uses of the fire engines, interacting with the chief fire officer  on how a Fire Brigade station works in a emergency.